We are thrilled to announce the much awaited 2023 production from Gharana Arts featuring Indian classical music and dance “Parampara: Embracing tradition with Unparalleled Grace and Beauty” on June 17th 2023 at St Paul’s High School, 2675 Draper Avenue, Ottawa, ON, between 4:00pm to 6:00pm

As we welcome you back after the challenging times of the pandemic, we invite you to join us for an evening of mesmerizing performances and artistic brilliance. The show not only marks our collective comeback but also heralds the return of Vidushi, Kasturi Mishra, who will grace the stage with a breathtaking Kathak solo. Accompanying her on tabla will be Guru, Ravi S.K. Singh, Dr. Rashmi Venkateshwaran on vocals and Sri Vignesh Chandrasekharan on harmonium. The show will feature a dedicated tribute to Nrityacharya, Pandit Bachchan Lal Mishra who passed away during the pandemic.

Parampara will also feature the incredible talent of our up-and-coming students, who have dedicated themselves to the mastery of Kathak and Tabla. They will present a variety of captivating pieces, displaying their growth and artistry under the guidance of our Gurus, Ravi S. K. Singh and Kasturi Mishra Singh.

“My role going forward after this pandemic, is to ensure that the legacy my Gurus the late Pt Bacchanlal Mishra and the late Pt Chitresh Das left behind is taken forward to my students who are navigating a new world full of distractions and lack of focus and discipline”

~ Ms. Mishra, Artistic Director of Gharana Arts~


Currently, we are committed to getting back to a routine for the fall session 2023 at the Nepean Creative Arts Centre.

Early Registration will be open from June 21 to August 5.

Please kindly register by clicking the button below and filling out and submitting the required form:

If you can provide this by August 5th, 2023 that would guarantee you a spot as we move forward with our scheduling.


Anyone interested in Private or Semi-Private classes please kindly send a personal email to Gharana.arts@gmail.com and we will contact you directly.

Wishing that all of you are doing well and are safe and healthy!


Ravi and Kasturi

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