Ravi S. K. Singh

Ravi S. K. Singh, is a distinguished Tabla musician, teacher, and one of the foremost authorities on the Tabla in Canada. Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Ravi was deeply influenced by the island’s rich and diverse musical traditions. It was within this vibrant cultural milieu that Ravi discovered his profound passion for the intricacies of North Indian classical music, reconnecting him to the rich artistic heritage of India.

Ravi began his formal studies in Tabla under the tutelage of Smt. Hem Mathur at the India School of Dance Music and Theatre in Winnipeg, Canada. Smt. Mathur, an exceptional classical vocalist and graduate of the Bhatkande School of Music, trained Ravi in the complex systems of taals, accompaniment, and composition, providing him with a solid foundation in Tabla.

Performing at renowned festivals such as Folklorama and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra – Children’s Concert Series, Ravi showcased classical music to Western audiences and collaborated with African, Japanese, and Caribbean artists. His talent and versatility led to his selection to perform on the Tabla for the 1999 Pan-American Games. His contributions to multiculturalism and the promotion of classical arts have been recognized numerous times by the West Indian and Indian communities across Canada.

After completing his Aradhna at the India School of Dance and Music, Ravi began teaching and served on the management committee for the Music Department. In 2003, he was awarded the Senior Arts Fellowship from the Shastri-Indo Canadian Institute to study in India under the guidance of the famed Tabla maestro, Pandit Kumar Bose. Pt. Bose, a living legend and the standard torchbearer for the Benaras Tabla Gharana, trained Ravi, elevating his understanding and knowledge of Indian classical arts and emphasizing the importance of intense traditional training and discipline.

Ravi has performed both in India and across Canada with senior artists such as sarod maestro Dr.Ranajit Sengupta, Kathak legend Pt. Bachanlal Mishra, and Pt. Bhawani Shankar on Pakhawaj. He has also performed solo with Sangeet Natak Awardee Pt. Ramesh Mishra and accompanied instrumentalists Pt. Satish Vyas and vocalists Ritesh and Rajnish Mishra.
Highly knowledgeable in taal, composition, and music history, Ravi has served as music director for multiple productions, including “Retrospective” (2015), “Shishya Sadhna” (2016), and “Sleeping Beauty” (2018). His solo performances have further demonstrated his mastery and creativity and his ability to navigate between pure classical music and Western music traditions has earned him immense respect in the musical community.

As a dedicated teacher, Ravi inspires his students to find serenity and a deep connection to their Indian cultural heritage and music. His profound influence on the next generation of musicians ensures the continued vitality and appreciation of North Indian classical music in Canada and beyond.